Phoniro e-Visit – safe, secure, remote monitoring

Phoniro e-Visit is an end to end monitoring system that enables remote care at a time when physical visits could be difficult or risky. Through digitally monitoring people remotely, carers can assess their client’s wellbeing and determine what level of physical intervention might be required. E-visit is ready to install out of the box. Using a secure mobile connection to Phoniro Care software platform, organisations can deliver audited monitoring with strict controls of who, when and what is viewed.

Using Phoniro e-Visit to improve care

  • Health and care organisations can change the number of scheduled physical visits by checking in on clients remotely
  • In the event of a telecare sensor alert e-Visit can provide visual confirmation of the care event
  • Medication compliance
  • Watch the client take their medication
  • Out of the box end to end solution
  • Includes hardware, mobile data contract and software platform
  • Two factor authentication for carers at login to ensure higher security
  • Strict controls on viewing
  • No recording capability
  • Audit reports provide exact timings
  • Provides data for compensation
  • Monitor the monitor functionality
  • Fewer journeys reduces carbon footprint and allows more people to benefit from the service
  • Enables more people to benefit from the care service
  • Delete – monitor the monitor functionality