Phoniro Medic

Safe management of medicines in the home

Obviously, unauthorized persons must not be able to access the client’s medicines. Many clients are prescribed medicines and substances classified as narcotics and it is unfortunately common that medicines stored in the home where there is no access to a locked cabinet go missing. However, locked medicine cabinets entail a key handling problem for personnel. For medicines to be managed safely, securely and efficiently without causing difficulties handling keys, we have developed Phoniro Medic, which is a
medicine cabinet whose lock is dealt with by personnel with a digital key.

Simple and safe

Phoniro Medic is a smart choice: it assures the quality of medicines management because the cabinet can only be unlocked by authorized personnel. Several of our customers have told us that since they introduced Phoniro Medic, medicines no longer go missing. The system also saves time because personnel do not have to handle physical keys. Phoniro Medic provides the municipality with a safer, more secure and more efficient operation. Access are determined by the system administrator in our Phoniro Care IT platform. Each member of staff is assigned a personal log-in to ensure current access privileges.

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