Phoniro AB’s Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines when, how and why we collect personal data, how we share it and how we keep it secure. The policy refers to the use of our products and services as well as activities relating to sales, marketing, support/service and recruitment.

Phoniro is committed to safeguarding your privacy and constantly strives to protect your personal data in the most effective way, in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. All data processing performed by Phoniro is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Entering into force on 25 May 2018, the GDPR is a new EU law which is intended to reinforce the rights of individuals in relation to their personal data. Find out more about the GDPR at the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website.

If you have any questions about this information, or wish to exercise your rights in accordance with the terms outlined below, please get in touch with Phoniro. Our details can be found under the Contact tab.

What is personal data?

Personal data may refer to all types of information which, either directly or indirectly, can be used to identify a particular person. Examples of personal data include name, address, telephone number, personal identity number, e-mail address and IP address.

When and how is personal data processed?

Personal data processing refers to the collection, registration, management or storage of your data.

We process personal data that you have provided us yourself with the aim of handling and administering the requests you make and agreements with you, where relevant, and in order to provide information and service. Such data can be obtained from, for example, e-mail, social media, telephone calls, meetings or our website. More information is available under “Personal data from contact forms” which appears below.

If you are one of our customers, we will save your data in accordance with the legal requirements associated with existing agreements or legitimate interest.

You may at any time ask for your data to be removed, provided there are no legal grounds for it to be stored.

Personal data from contact forms
Using the form on our website, it is possible to order different types of materials (such as product fiches, guides and films) or sign up to various events (such as webinars, seminars and customer open days). The information collected comprises contact details such as name, e-mail address and area of interest, such as product information.

By completing one or more of these forms and giving your consent by checking the box that reads “I have read and understood Phoniro’s Privacy Policy”, your personal data will be stored in our systems for the purposes specified above.

We use cookies in order to ensure our website functions correctly. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. These often refer to specific information, such as default language settings, which, with the help of cookies, can quickly be read the next time you visit our website (depending on the lifespan of the cookie in question). You can read more about cookies further down on this page.

When processing your data through cookies and using contact details for direct marketing purposes, Phoniro takes a balance of interests into account. This is based on an assessment by Phoniro that there is a legitimate interest in contacting you with the aim of providing you with information about our products, services, events and other work-related information.

If you do not wish to receive marketing content or other information from us, please contact us under the Contact tab.

Why do we collect personal data?

Phoniro stores personal data that has been provided to us in order to process and administer requests, manage agreements, where relevant, and provide information and service.

We may use your personal data in order to:

  • Send information about the project or service you have purchased from us.
  • Send information about an event you have signed up for.
  • Follow up incoming requests by e-mail, telephone and meetings, etc.
  • Send system information.
  • Follow up job applications.
  • Enable access to the solution you have purchased.
  • Enable access to our support platform.

Statistical purposes
We also process your personal data for statistical purposes in order to obtain information about how visitors use our website, as well as to measure reactions/behaviour relating to our e-mail campaigns, in order to develop and improve content and customer statistics in the form of sales and marketing statistics and customer database statistics.

The statistical tools used by Phoniro for this purpose include Microsoft Dynamics 365, for sales and marketing statistics, Google Analytics, for tracking website visitor behavior and MailChimp for e-mail campaigns.

The personal data you provide to us through the form on our website, by e-mail or by telephone may be used for marketing, follow-up and development and improvement of our products and services based on a balance of interests. This takes into account whether you have signed up voluntarily and expressed an interest in our services.

If you do not wish to receive marketing content or other information from us, please contact us under the Contact tab.

What personal data do we collect?

We collect the following personal data, depending on the purpose:

  • Name.
  • Corporate/personal identity number.
  • Contact details such as e-mail and telephone number.
  • Title/role.
  • Payment information and history.
  • Purchase information (e.g., which product or service has been ordered).
  • Interest in the product or the type of corporate information the person has specified.
  • Response to marketing (e.g., downloading material, responding to an e-mail or attending or signing up for an event/customer open day).
  • Communication by e-mail/telephone/during meetings (e.g., feedback, comments or questions in the form of e-mails, telephone calls, documents and meetings).
  • IP addresses, including activities on the website.
  • Information contained in CVs.

With whom may we share you personal data?

We perform checks on all parties that process personal data on our behalf in order to ensure they can provide sufficient guarantees in relation to confidentiality and the security of your personal data. In order to perform certain activities, external services are used that may entail disclosure of your data. These include the following:

  1. Marketing
    We may share your data for marketing purposes with companies that provide services for e-mail campaigns and press releases, in addition to digital statistics services and social media.
  2. Logistics
    When we deliver products or send letters, we disclose your personal data to logistics companies/forwarders.
  3. IT
    We use certain subcontractors in order to maintain essential operation, technical support and maintenance of our IT solutions.
  4. HR
    For certain recruitment activities, we engage external recruitment firms that can gain access to your personal data.

Please note: No data will be disclosed to third parties.

For how long will we save your personal data?

We will never save your personal data for longer than is necessary for the relevant purposes and applicable legal requirements. When the personal data is no longer required, it will be erased from our systems

You are entitled to update, erase or transfer your personal data.

Your personal data is continually maintained by Phoniro. In the event data is shown to be inaccurate, it will be corrected without delay. You are of course entitled to gain access to the data we have registered about you.

You are also entitled, at no charge, to gain access to your data, find out why we are storing it and obtain details of the source from which it was obtained. Such requests are to be made in writing and sent to Phoniro at the following address: Phoniro AB, Att Personuppgifter, Hospitalsgatan 3C, SE-602 27 Norrköping, Sweden. If you request access to data on repeated occasions, Phoniro is entitled to impose a reasonable charge to cover the administration involved.

In the case of personal data which is based on a contractual relationship between us, you are entitled to ask for your data to be transferred to a different processor (data portability). Data portability is contingent on the transfer process being technically feasible and automated.

You are always welcome to contact us for assistance or information on your rights. Our contact details can be found under the Contact tab. If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive, you are entitled to file a complaint with the GDPR at the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

How is your personal data protected?

We use IT systems in order to protect your personal data, privacy and access to your data. We have adopted specific security measures in order to protect your personal data against unauthorized or unlawful processing (such as unlawful access, loss, destruction or damage).

Only employees who require access to personal data in order to carry out their work may gain access to it.

Updating the privacy policy

Phoniro may update this privacy policy if we change the way we process personal data, or as a result of new legal requirements or directives. We recommend that you read through the conditions in order to stay updated on how Phoniro protects and manages your personal data.

Contact details

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If you have any questions about this information, or wish to exercise your rights in accordance with the terms outlined below, please get in touch with Phoniro. Our details can be found under the “Contact” tab.