Security alarms for sheltered housing

Phoniro Care Security alarms are installed centrally in the local authority’s IT environment. This not only provides high capacity and enables centralised administration, but also the opportunity for monitoring alarm incidents and real-time operation. This provides greater security for the residents and a better working environment for staff.

About alarms from Phoniro

Phoniro Care Security alarm communicates via a secure high capacity IP network which allows the alarms to go through direct without the risk of queues as in a traditional system. Alarms are directed to the right people, both day and night, and alarms can be displayed in plain text. The system provides location of the alarm so staff knows where the person who raised the alarm is located. If required, the staff can also connect to voice communication.

Retirement homes represent a tough environment which places high demands on staff handsets. The phone can withstand rough handling, has a large illuminated display and is water resistant. It also has a headphone jack and personal alarm. Upon activation of the personal alarm, the location of the person who raised the alarm is provided.

To reduce the staff workload and provide a better overview and control of the residents, the system can be supplemented with keyless locks. With Phoniro’s locks the door is always unlocked for the right person.

The system can also be supplemented with Phoniro’s medicine cabinet, Phoniro Medic. When staff unlocks the residents’ medicine cabinets by using the phone, the authority can monitor who unlocked the cabinet and when.

Phoniro Care Alarm can be equipped with all the accessories included in our product portfolio such as personal alarm buttons, door alarms, bed alarms, and various types of portable or fixed alarms such as motion sensors or smoke detectors for optional placement in residents’ rooms or other areas.

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