Phoniro Care
– keyless home care

The daily management of keys is a major and costly problem in home care. To provide residential care services, multiple keys are often needed for every apartment or keys can be lost, copied, or simply not be in the hands of the right person in an emergency.

Surveys show that more than 10 percent of carer’s time is spent on managing the keys. This management includes administration of keys, waiting for colleagues to get the right keys and extra travel time.

Easy and safe

With Phoniro Care carers use mobile phones to unlock the door at the resident’s home. This means that the carer always has the right keys with them. Less administration and reduced travel time means more time for care and thereby increased quality. Maybe that’s why Phoniro’s door unit is already installed in more than 80 000 Scandinavian homes.


Phoniro Care replaces the standard key with a digital key in the staff’s mobile phones, a device mounted on the inside of the resident’s front door as well as an administrative IT system. The door device is Mounted on the inside of the door over the existing door knob and the resident and their family members can continue using their keys. The device is easily mounted without damage and does not affect the property’s perimeter so the home insurance remains unchanged.

Permissions in the system are determined in Phoniro Care via the web interface and the digital keys are updated online and are automatically transferred to the mobile phones. The residential care staff logs into the mobile phone with a personal username and password to get the proper permissions. The same mobile phone can therefore be used by various staff members on different shifts. The system also records which staff member locked/unlocked with which resident and when. For maximum security, the system works completely offline too of course.