Phoniro Care
– keyless retirement home

Key management is a major and costly problem in various types of care homes. With Phoniro’s lock the door is always unlocked for theright person. It increases the security of the residents and allows the local authority a more efficient, safer and more modern operation and at the same time it protects the resident’s privacy.

It is common for residents to find it difficult to handle keys to lock doors. At the same time doors should be kept locked to prevent residents entering each other’s homes at any time or that unauthorised persons enter. It is very time consuming for staff to assist residents to lock and unlock their doors. With Phoniro’s locks the residents can enter without the need to handle conventional keys.

Easy and safe

The mechanical key is replaced by a digital key with the Phoniro lock in the form of an active RFID tag for both residents and staff. The locking device is installed without any damage to the outside of the door and does not affect the door’s fire rating. Installation is very simple and the device can easily be moved to another door.

The system benefits from being administered centrally by Phoniro Care or locally at the individual home. If Phoniro’s alarm system is installed, staff can unlock even with the alarm phone. The administrative program criteria can be individually programmed for the doors that everyone should be authorised to open plus during which time period.


The locking device is activated when and authorised tag is nearby. When the door handle is pressed, the lock is already unlocked. Alternatively the lock is opened by pressing a button on the staff’s alarm phone. Security is very high as each tag has a unique identity. If staff handles the locks through the alarm phones, personal codes are used where staff use username and password to verify their authorisation.