For a secure, safe
and effective home care

The Health Diary is based on the patient’s participation in their own care. The product is very simple to use, but most importantly, the patient themselves benefits from it in their own care.

About the health diary

The patient keeps a health diary at home where she/he writes daily the health parameters that are important to monitor for their particular disease. The diary is kept on ordinary paper, but the patient is using a digital pen that automatically reads values written on paper.

The scanned information is transferred from the pen to the central system and is thereby available to the staff of the care giver. The patient can also write messages to the caregiver.

Because the caregiver is continuously provided with information about the patient’s health, it is possible to have an effective monitoring of a large number of patients and the early identification of patients with worsening status of their illness.

The solution’s simplicity makes it available for many different types of patients. It works just as well for women as for men, and has the great advantage of working in different languages, making it available even for those patients who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue.

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