The e-monitoring solution which helps you sleep safe and sound

E-monitoring is as effective in sheltered accommodation as it is for regular housing. Naturally, the benefits associated with users sleeping without disturbance are the same for those in sheltered facilities as for those still living at home.

About e-monitoring

Phoniro’s e-monitoring solution has been adapted to be just as effective in sheltered accommodation. As part of Phoniro Care, the solution is also closely integrated with Phoniro’s alarm system for sheltered accommodation, which forms part of the same platform.
This allows staff to effectively carry out e-monitoring from a central location in the facility, freeing up more time for other tasks, while they can also connect directly to the camera via a mobile browser in the alarm phone.
And as part of Phoniro Care, the solution provides a high level of information security (accuracy, traceability, confidentiality and accessibility).

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