Accessories – Exit Devices

By installing a VingCard Exit Device on your emergency exit, you maintain full access control from the outside, as well as an easy and safe escape in case of an emergency. The emergency exit can be easily opened simply by pushing the push bar.

The exit device is suitable for wooden, metal and glass doors. It is supplied in a RIM version for horizontal installation with latch on the side of the door and in a ROD version for vertical installation with latch on top and bottom of the door.

Standard features

  • Stand alone electronic exit device with RFID technology
  • Solid stainless steel handle with self-lubricating long life bearings
  • Powered by three AA batteries that provide a normal lifetime of up to three years
  • 600 event audit trail
  • Compatible with Vision and Visionline system software platforms
  • Supplied both as RIM (horizontal installation) or ROD (vertical installation) versions for different needs
  • Available in different standard lengths for different door widths
  • Suitable for wooden doors, metal doors and glass doors
  • UL Fire and Panic listed
  • RFID Specifications: 13,56MHz technology
  • Compatible with the following standards:
    -ISO 14.443 A (MIFARE) ISO 14.443 B
    -ISO 15.693