Time and attendance monitoring within sheltered housing

Phoniro Care with time and attendance monitoring is a good choice to easily document and assure the quality of services within sheltered housing.

Social services in Sweden strengthens the requirements in 2015 on individual assessment and monitoring the services with residential care. The constitution also tightens requirements that the accommodation ensures staffing that meets the need of the actions to be performed. This means that many people today are demanding a simple tool for input monitoring within sheltered housing.

Phoniro Care is a very flexible system that can be adapted to different needs and is currently used in several different ways within sheltered housing. Normally the digital pen is used for documenting and monitoring within sheltered housing but it is also possible to use a mobile phone instead in the system. Some local authorities choose to only update the current file with the digital pen to easily record continuously during the day. At the end of the shift the written documentation is transferred to Phoniro Care and on to the operating system.

Some local authorities use the system only for the quality assurance that specific actions have been carried out such as the interruption of night time fasting, night visits, signing for medicines or meals staggered over the course of the day. Other local authorities follow up all visits made with both documenting and time and attendance monitoring to ensure everything is carried out at the home. It possible to use the system for current requirements but there is also the possibility to develop the use of the system in future.

All information recorded in the system can then be used to develop and follow up operations. The information appears in a variety of standard reports, but it is also possible generate customised reports or use the analysis module if specific information is required.

Phoniro Care has an open integration interface but there are also ready-made integrations for most operating systems on the market. Integrations secure the flow of information and reduce duplications by staff. The documentation written in Phoniro Care can automatically be transferred to the social records in the operating system. Please contact us for more information on how the integrations work for various operating systems.

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