Welfare technology

Welfare technology is a digital approach designed to maintain or improve security, participation, activity and independence for people with functional impairment, such as the elderly.

Digital technology provides a world of opportunities, enabling major change and better quality of life for many people with functional impairment as well as the elderly.

Used in the right way, digital technology is a tool for increasing participation and equality as well as protecting and realizing human rights.

One of the market-leaders in welfare technology and eHealth, Phoniro offers a range of digital services, solutions and products designed to make day-to-day life easier and improve quality of life for those with functional impairment.

With extensive experience and innovative solutions for digital locking systems, alarms, digital night surveillance (e-surveillance) and time and input monitoring, we provide privacy, security, freedom, justice and participation for many elderly people.

We are really proud of the service we deliver.